Blossom Health Gains Popularity and Leads a Healthy Lifestyle in Australia with its Health Food Products

Posted by Blossom Health on 8 August 2017

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The nations have attached greater importance to health nowadays along the elevation of economic standards and raise of material life, so is the daily consumption of vitamin supplements. Among the endless array of choices, products from Australia are more trusted by the compatriot.

As everyone knows, vitamin supplements are classified as adjuvants in Australia and are supervised and controlled by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), at the same time enjoy great prestige both at home and abroad for its safety, excellence and healthfulness. Blossom Health, amongst other brands, won extensive recognition and good reputation among Australians for its outstanding quality and great effectiveness。 

Blossom Health is one of the three top brands under DJ Health Group and is a fully Australian owned brand. Blossom Health has become a popular and trusted brand for vitamin supplements and natural health food products in Australia after nearly 20 years of rapid development. 

In order to guarantee the quality of products, Blossom Health has invested massive effort on exploring materials as well as researching and developing the products. To strictly assure its fineness and quality of components, all ingredients are carefully selected from the finest Australian suppliers and the test and verification of all dosage forms are independently carried out by Medical R&D as well as Inspection Department under famous Australian university.

Blossom Health has also set up a system of maintaining standards in products to ensure the quality control of each link in the course of manufacture. Blossom Health strictly sticks to the manufacturing regulations of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of Australia, from technology, process, product packaging to product examination. We carry out supervision and control according to the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and aim to provide products of the highest quality.

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Blossom Health “adjuvants” have its own one-and-only trackable number for its authenticity inquiry on the official website of the TGA. The transparency and convenience of the source tracking system has helped to assure the authenticity and safety of all Blossom Health products.

Blossom Health has set its mind on producing native Australian natural health food products of outstanding excellence since its establishment. Blossom Health’s intention remains unchanged today and is still improving to ensure everyone around the globe is able to enjoy a healthy and joyful lifestyle. In order to carry out its promise, Blossom Health’s product range covers from bee products, women’s skincare, immunity and antioxidants, eye and heart health, bone and joints, men’s health, general wellbeing and kid’s health, with a total of 80 products and providing a wide range of choices. 

Bee products are the leading products and main focus of Blossom Health. The company has been building people’s impression on the Australian Manuka honey and promoting its distinctive advantage. Blossom Health also aims to be the most representative and famous brand for Manuka honey in Australia.

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Blossom Health holds a safe lead among Australian-owned vitamin supplements brands as well as bee and natural health food products for its constant pursuance of high quality. Blossom Health plans to take positive and active efforts in developing its international market in the future and continue provides safe and highly nutritious health food products for more consumers. 


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