“Honeyland”, Visiting the Hometown of Manuka

Posted by Blossom Health on 6 September 2017

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The Manuka tree can be found on the hillside of northern New South Wales in Australia, in the coastal area and as well as the edge of forrest. During every early summer, a large amount of bees are attracted by the Manuka flowers in full bloom and that’s how the pure, natural-scented Manuka honey is produced. 

Honeyland Hometown Manuka

The Manuka tree originated from Australia. The shrub gathers in the eastern and southern part of Australia and owns a much bigger cover than New Zealand. The northern section of Australia has a more tropical influenced climate and vast expanse of area for growth. The Manuka flowers have a longer flowering period which lasts from November to mid-Febuary. Its accumulated natural ingredients are comparably balanced as the harvest period is longer and require only simple purification till it’s ready to be canned and available for purchase. The climate in New Zealand on the other hand is rather cold and the flowers have shorter flowering period which only lasts from December to mid-January. A shorter harvest period results in antimicrobial substance with poorer stability and a more complicated making process that requires heating, cooling and solidification. The Australian Manuka flowers have therefore more activity factor, the so-called MGO in its component and possesses higher stability. This is decisive to how Australia wins the name of “hometown of Manuka”.

Honeyland 1

 Why is Manuka honey globally favoured by consumers? It’s all because of its rareness. Nectar collected from millions of Manuka flowers is only sufficient to produce 1kg of honey. Other than that, Manuka honey contains an exclusive active substance, the Methylglyoxal, also known as MGO, which has been scientifically proved by present-day medical research to have strong and unique antibacterial and antioxidant effect on organism wounds and accelerate natural healing. The main medical use for Manuka honey also includes treating gastrointestinal problems. Manuka honey is said to have high medicinal value and is also called “The Highest Grade of Honey”, “The Hermès of Honey” and “Natural Treasure”. It is rare for honey to have such lofty evaluation. 

Honeyland Hometown Manuka 2

Blossom Health is a widely-known brand in Australia for selling Manuka honey. The source is without doubt, the apiary located in the northern virgin forest in New South Wales, Australia. The place is sparsely populated, fresh, natural and pure, simply the right place to produce honey.

Since the establishment of Blossom Health in 2003, our Manuka honey has been well received by Australian consumers for its strict quality assurance and unique medical effect.

Quick Fatigue Relief to Go Back to the Energetic Self

As Manuka honey contains monosaccharide such as fructose and glucose, it can be easily absorbed by the body without being decomposed by enzyme. It improves the nutritional status of the blood very quickly and brings the energy back. Blossom Health Manuka Honey is especially suitable for people of white-collar class who often work overtime and stay up late. A cup of Blossom Health Manuka Honey after a long day will help to gain back energy.

Acceleration of Intestinal Peristalsis and Food Digestion, Improve on Indigestion

Fatty acids contained in Manuka honey is able to accelerate gastric acid secretion and digestion of food, increase intestinal peristalsis, detox as well as shorten the time for defecation. The glucose and fructose contained are able to solve gastrointestinal problems without bringing any burden to the stomach and is therefore a treasure for people suffering from constipation.

Dealing with Hangover and Discomfort caused by Alcoholic Intoxication

Fructose as one of the exclusive components of Manuka honey, does not exist in most fruits. Fructose is able to accelerate the decomposition and absorption of alcohol and ease the discomfort caused by alcoholic intoxication. The unique activity factor of Manuka honey can alleviate the harm alcohol does to stomach. For those who suffers from headache and dizziness after consuming alcohol is suggested to hold 50g of Blossom Health Manuka honey in mouth or dip it with bread. 

Honeyland Hometown Manuka 3

Sedative Effect on Stimulation

Glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium contained in Manuka honey are advantageous for the nervous system. It is able to ease the nerve and thus provide better sleeping quality. Manuka honey does not cause side effects such as oppression, exhaustion and distraction like sleeping pill or tranquilizers. A better sleeping quality is guaranteed by consuming a spoonful of Blossom Health Manuka honey one hour before you go to bed.

Treatment of Occasional Wound, Pain Relief, Acceleration of Healing Process

Blossom Health Manuka honey has an extremely high antibacterial effect. Its acidity is equivalent to vinegar’s and that makes it impossible for the bacteria to ever survive in wounds. Swollen and painful wounds without germs and bacteria infection can also be healed by Manuka honey. Bandaging wounds such as eczema, infection, insect bites, burn or any after-operation discomfort directly with Blossom Health Manuka Honey MGO +550 is able to accelerate the healing process.

Prevention of Pigmentation and Ageing; The Secret to Eternal Youth

Blossom Health Manuka Honey is an excellent skincare product. It provides nutrition to the skin and keeps its elasticity, killing and inhibiting germs from the skin as well as preventing pigmentation and accelerate the revitalization and regeneration of skin tissue. By mixing a spoonful of Manuka honey and a spoonful of grape juice with flour evenly, a grape juice honey mask with extraordinary antioxidant effect is made.      

Blossom Health Manuka Honey strictly adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of Australia. The potency of Manuka honey is rated through Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). The UMF rating is thought to correspond with the concentration of MGO. The higher the concentration, the better the antibacterial effects. Most of the MGO concentration in Manuka honey seen include +30, +120, +250, +550. To be considered potent enough to be therapeutic to slight wound and infection, Manuka honey needs a minimum rating of +550.

Due to its outstanding quality and marked curative effect, Blossom Health Manuka Honey sells well in numerous local pharmacies in Australia, including the famous Australian pharmacy chain store Priceline Pharmacy, Alice Pharmacy, Chempro Chemists, Chemsave, Pharmacy Alliance as well as the popular online pharmacist’s store in Australia, Pharmacy Online. After more than ten years of brand growth, Blossom Health Manuka Honey has gained recognition from the Australian consumers and become one of the image representatives of the natural health care products in Australia, holding the safe lead among honey brands throughout the years. In order to reach global consumers with their natural health care products, Blossom Health is currently transforming into an international brand image, of which they’ve also become the cooperative sponsor of the hottest variety TV show in Australia, The Voice in 2017 and is given vigorous recommendation by the TV column. It is served as an everyday drink for the tutors, participants and staffs upon show recording. 

Honeyland Hometown Manuka 4

At the same time, Blossom Health has made great investment in billboards all around major airports in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc.) as well as at the Central Business District (CBD), making its best effort to present the image of the natural treasure to consumers around the globe.

Honeyland Hometown Manuka 5

Blossom Health has become one of the best honey brands relying on its first-class quality and outstanding texture, occupying a crucial role in health care among consumers. Serving as a green natural health food, the pure Blossom Health Manuka Honey is collected directly from the nature and is without doubt the perfect natural and healthy choice for many families.

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