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Posted by Blossom Health on 26 October 2017

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As everyone knows, Omega 3 Fish Oil gains wide popularity among health food products for its rich benefits. Fish Oil is used to refer to two kinds of omega-3 fatty acids (also called n-3 fats): EPA and DHA, and can also be converted from the essential alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).  Though EPA and DHA are often associated, they provide a variety of different benefits. 

EPA is called the “blood vessels cleaner” and is associated with healthier blood vessels, a lower lipid count, a reduced risk for plaque buildup in the arteries and a reduced platelet aggregation responses. DHA is called the “gold of brain” as it affects several aspects of brain development, function and formation of brain cell. In particular, synapse turnover to maintain the operation of brain cell. DHA also helps to improve memory, concentration and comprehension, playing an important role in the development of brain and vision. Additionally, EPA and DHA lower the lipid count and protect the heart, brain and blood vessels. 

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The sources of material are vital. The Omega 3 Fish Oil extracted from wild cold water fish grown in unpolluted deep-sea area is much more healthier than the regular Fish Oil. Blossom Health has always been attaching great importance to the quality of products and invested massive effort on exploring materials as well as researching and developing the products. The fully Australian produced Blossom Health Omega 3 Fish Oil has inherited the eternal persistence of Blossom Health in quality. From scrap to essential supplement, Blossom Health proudly presents its authentic product brought from the deep-sea.

Blossom Health Omega 3 Fish Oil has been extracted from wild cold water fish grown in totally unpolluted deep-sea area in Australia. The fish oil has passed through numerous purification and processing links after extraction.  To strictly assure its fineness and quality of components, all ingredients are carefully selected from the finest Australian suppliers and the test and verification of all dosage forms are independently carried out by Medical R&D as well as Inspection Department under famous Australian university. Blossom Health Omega 3 Fish Oil has also been rigorously tested to comply with the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) standards for mercury, heavy metals and contaminates. All products are labeled with a trackable TGA number and authenticity can be examined on the official website of the TGA. 

The quality of the Blossom Health Omega 3 Fish Oil is guaranteed through its precise pharmaceutical technology and is proven to be safe and effective on human bodies. It has also been formulated to reduce the “fishy” after taste while fully keeping its nutrients. The Blossom Health Omega 3 Fish Oil is easily absorbed and to bring effect to human bodies, especially to people who suffer from high blood pressure, hyperlipaemia and high blood sugar, senior citizens as well as mental workers. It may lower the lipid count, chance of heart attack and cardiovascular disease as well as reduce joint inflammation and swelling.

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