The Competition of The Voice Intensified; Blossom Health Caught Massive Attention as Sponsor

Posted by Blossom Health on 14 September 2017

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The Voice is part of the international television franchise and reality talent show The Voice and is originally broadcasted in 2012 by Nine Network. It is structured as three phases: blind auditions, battle rounds and live performance shows, aimed to provide a truly fair and real music platform for talented people who hold a musical dream.

The first season of The Voice has attracted widespread attention of all nations in Australia with its professional match rule and the battle among world-class coaches. The success of the show led to the increase of its programming run till the fifth season, continue breaking the history of its audience rating to become one of the hottest local variety show in Australia and eventually won the generous sponsorship from famous health care brand Blossom Health.

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Blossom Health is a native Australian brand. It has become one of Australia’s most popular and trusted brand for healthcare products after more than 10 years of rapid development.

In the fifth season of The Voice, the lofty, natural and healthy brand image of Blossom Health has been widely incorporated in the shooting scene as well as in form of verbal product placement. The marketing leader of Blossom Health based in Melbourne explained: “The cooperation between Blossom Health and The Voice is more of a quality fit in way of thinking and concept. We value the fact that The Voice is loved by the Australians and are moved by the authenticity of the show. The singers touched the heartstrings of the audience with their most genuine self and expressed themselves with the most sincere voices. Similarly, we would like to produce healthy and valuable products for every family with our utmost sincerity.”

It is reported that Blossom Health invested massive time on exploring materials as well as researching and developing the products. The test and verification of all dosage forms are independently carried out by Medical R&D and Inspection Department under famous Australian university to strictly assure the quality of products. 

Blossom Health Manuka Honey has definitely caught massive attention in the current season of The Voice. The Manuka honey has long been the bestseller of the native Australian brand Blossom Health and is widely recognized for its rich antibacterial activity. It contains a plenty of carbohydrates such as fructose and glucose that help to resupply energy for the body and cure sore throat. Both popular candidates of the show, Tim Conlon (Instagram: timconlon) and the sexy Fasika Ayallew (Instagram: fasikaayallew) have helped to promote the product on social media platform such as Instagram: a cup of Manuka Honey water a day or add Manuka Honey into your tea keeps your voice alive!

TheVoiceSponsor 2

 (Source: Candidates’ Instagram Screenshot)

The consumers of the healthcare industry are constantly becoming younger with the elevation of economic standards and raise of material life. Blossom Health’s popularity and preferences among the younger generations have been greatly improved in the recent years according to industry analysts. The fact that the mainstream audience of The Voice is generally young people might be the main reason that facilitate the cooperation between Blossom Health and The Voice.

As the fifth season of The Voice of Australia was intensified, the lively and lofty brand image of Blossom Health has gradually achieved its goals, from appearing in front of the masses to being remembered. Blossom Health values and upholds the concept of The Voice that they gathered world-class Australian singers to create a top-notch audiovisual feast, where Blossom Health also shares the same disposition. Rejuvenation and expansion of brand is a long process. Brand marketing is just the beginning of everything, Blossom Health still needs to keep on exploring and work on brand expansion. We look forward to Blossom Health’s excellent performance in its Australian as well as global market. 

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