Super Grapeseed 30000mg

Super Grapeseed 30000mg

Blossom Super Grape seed 30000mg may assist in the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system by supporting the health of the blood vessels, particularly the capillaries. It can assist in the maintenance of blood flow in the hands, feet and legs. Procyanidins (OPCs), the active constituent of grapeseed has antioxidant activity to help the body resist the damaging effect of free radicals and oxidative damage leading to premature ageing. It can also help to support or assist with the maintenance of healthy connective tissue such as the collagen and elastin of the skin.

Why use

✔Beneficial for poor circulation

✔Maintenance and improvement of cardiovascular health

✔Supports capillary health and peripheral circulation

✔Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger

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