Our story

BLOSSOM Originated from Australia’s Purity


BLOSSOM is a gift from nature, pure and healthy. Australia’s advantageous natural environment helped create its world-famous health food manufacturing and exporting industries. BLOSSOM was born in Australia in 2003. We specialise in research and development, production and sale of nutrition, health and natural products. BLOSSOM’s guiding mission and philosophy is that everyone should enjoy the sunshine, rain and dew, have a healthy body, live life to the fullest and have a happy family. 


Enterprise Advantage

BLOSSOM is based in Australia, combining upstream and downstream resource chains in the health industry. We protect human health with our powerful scientific research and development skills. We are a top-notch world-wide health product development, production and sales enterprise.

BLOSSOM takes natural Australian products and uses modern technology to extract their natural essences which we then refine, according to scientific proportions, into many high-quality products. 

About Our Founder

Mr Paul Jones, our company’s founder, is a professional Australian nutritionist with dreams.

He has led many professionals to found BLOSSOM so people could enjoy truly healthy, natural and scientific healthcare products. Our company guarantees that all our products come from 100% Australian research and development, 100% Australian materials and 100% Australian production.

About Our Team

Quality products are the foundation of business success and an outstanding team is the power behind achieving that success.

BLOSSOM has gathered a large number of talented people from many countries to form a top-notch international management and operations team. This has played a large part in making BLOSSOM rapidly become a well-known Australian brand.